Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why I am an Atheist once again

For those who want a quick introduction and summary of my path from Christianity to Atheism to Agnosticism, please check out my videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/quincyq03
You can find the information in the three part series, My Story.

Now, why have I gone back to Atheism?
An agnostic believes that the existence or non-existence of a God cannot be proven.
I still stand by this belief, but I know theists and non-theists alike who also agree with this statement. In fact, I think that most would agree that no one can totally, beyond the shadow of a doubt, prove or disprove the existence of God.
(let’s further consider God to be the “traditional” Christian God)
However, I have had a strong belief, since about the age of 13, that God does not exist.
I am open-minded in admitting that I cannot prove this non-existence beyond the shadow of a doubt, but there is more to it than that…
I believe that the evidence against a God is much more substantial, credible, logical and rational, than the evidence for God.
This is what has brought me to now consider myself, once again, an atheist.

Just as anyone who believes in God, BELIEVES that God exists, I believe that God does NOT exist.
I do not "know" that he does not exist, so I now feel the best way to label my beliefs is by calling myself an atheist.

If anyone has any further comments on this or any questions regarding any aspect of this post, my beliefs or my history, please feel free to respond!


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