Saturday, April 19, 2008

Drawing parallels

Here we go again, another blog/note on religion...

Consider if you will the following scenario:
(no, it is not about is a generalized chain of events)
A person who is non-religious is approached by someone who is a very religious person.
This religious person shares their Truth with the non-believer.
This Truth is the only way, but it will save that person and save anyone who accepts it as truth.
The non-believer might be skeptical at first, but "gives it a try".
Upon reading and discussing the new concept, the non-believer now believes and everything seems clear.
From that day forward, the new believer has found peace, happiness and truth.
They will accept what is known and will never turn back to once was.
The past is full of distortion, lies and nothingness.
In order to have strength and Faith, this person must shut their minds to any other possibility.
Becoming completely closed-minded, for without a doubt they have found Truth.

This is my problem (one of many) with religion.
It is okay to be open-minded to consider religion, but as soon as you are in, there is no turning back.
What if that particular faith is wrong?

I have witnessed people being given a hard time, for following their hearts and searching for the truth.
Shouldn't we always be open?
Think about it from the other side.
If we want someone to consider our opinion, they must first be open-minded.
Without being open-minded, their opinion means absolutely nothing to the other person.

The truth should be about finding what makes sense, what feels right.
It should not be about blindly following what someone tells us we must follow.
And if we are not following or accepting it, we are in denial and believing lies.

To that, I bring back the previous point.
What about other religions, faiths, mindsets, etc?
Wouldn't the most ideal, reasonable, rational and logical approach be the following:
To consider all viewpoints, faiths, holy books, etc and then determine which one is right?
It's easy to use circular logic to back up one viewpoint, but without stepping outside the box (circle) or considering the other viewpoint, nothing productive is going to be accomplished.

The problem that might be most glaring, is the inability to understand and see other viewpoints.
I have not come to where I am by being fed up with my previous religion.
I was not sick or tired of anything.
I didn't need to rebel or "deny" what was Truth.
I followed a search for the truth, which began by trying to justify my initial beliefs with an open mind.
When we shut our minds, we ignore all that is around us and of course we will not change our course.

Take a minute, consider other viewpoints or at least consider another side.
It is not about chance that many people come to believe...
Friends, family, environment, culture, etc.
I have noticed a pattern...
Although it is not the case for 100% of the time, but I see a common, more probable outcome.
The outcome is that when people open their minds and consider all other sides, they come to the same thing that I have.

Just my $0.02,

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